The First Presbyterian Church


 Milford Delaware


Service- 11 a.m. on Sundays. Serving all in central Delaware Like us on fb First Presbyterian Church of Milford - Milford, DE 


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How do I become a member of your church? Just start coming to Sunday services. If you can't attend services on Sunday, give us a call at 422-5701 or send us an email at milpres2off@verizon.net  ALL ARE WELCOME  to join our  church family. We have many activities you can participate in. 

I am not a christain. Can I attend? Yes! I want to become a Presbyaterian. Just start coming to our church on Sundays, It's that simple.


 19 easter sunday 2015


Easter Sunday 2015 - Listen to our Vocal and Bell Choirs on YouTube



Easter Sunday Service 2015


20 Easter Sunday 2015
22 easter sunday 2015
24 easter sunday 2015
26 easter sunday 2015
28 easter sunday 2015
29 easter sunday music 2015
30 easter sunday 2015
32 easter sunday 2015
34  easter sunday 2015
36  easter sunday 2015
38 easter sunday 2015
40 easter sunday 2015
42 easter sunday 2015
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Everyone is Welcome!

1 Meet the Deacons
2 Meet the Deacons
2a meet the deacons
3 meet the deacons
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7 meet the deacons
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Serving all in Milford and Central Delaware - Lincoln, Milton, Camden, Houston, Ellendale, Greenwood, Frederica, Felton, Slaughter Beach, Bowers Beach, Harrington, and the Lewes and Dover areas.


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